The Perfect Date: Lady’s Vision

In the most girlish series "Sex and the City" there’s a scene when the main character, Carrie, is all set up for a stunning evening.
But! The guy arrived on a motorcycle. I don't remember exactly how it ended there, but he obviously had an episodic role.
And not of the Man of Her Dreams.
All the girls secretly hope to be the princess of their favorite show. After all, Carrie’s got that PERFECT DATE (with another guy, for sure). So, what are the ingredients of that special evening?

Give her a lot of attention and compliments.
Her smile, her hair, her dress, her perfume – it’s never too much of saying nice things about that.

You invited her, which means you took care of her comfort.If you’re not with a car, send a taxi for her.

You want to hit her heart with a motorcycle after all?Say it in advance! So she will have time to change her dress for sexy jeans.

Elegant restaurant – a win-win option, just make a reservation before. Creative ideas and motorcycles can be saved for the second and third dates.

Whatever she says about equality and feminism
– it is a trick!
She captures with detective precision:
– if you opened a door in front of her
– If you helped her with taking off the jacket
– and if you also had flowers, that’s 100 points ahead.

For example, she said she wanted to go to a sea for a long time. Without a word, order her a tropical cocktail and say, “It’s to make you feel salty waves closer.”

She’s gonna tell that to her girlfriend for sure!

If you honestly say that you’re nervous and don’t know what to say, this will be exactly the thing that’ll clear the atmosphere and bring you closer…

Not on the phone, but with her.There’s no need for comments.

The girl would love it if you took care of the bill.

A delicate kiss on the cheek for goodbye.Even if you both want more.It will show you as a decent and serious man and conquer her much stronger than a passionate kiss.

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