Mental difference: how to have successful relationships

Today we see representatives of almost every culture on Earth here, in LA. It’s quite difficult to find love: the value of Russian borscht is relative and the cult of Tnx-giving-day-turkey as well. So, here you are, trying to find partner in a beautiful sunny city. And suddenly the difference in mentality has been appeared. Oh, well, thanks.

Why Meghan Markle took the prince into the armful and broke away from the palace?

Globalization has done its part, and now we get along with all kinds of people.

It is important to find a balance: both to preserve your culture and to integrate correctly into your partner's traditions.

Here's a few life-hacks for you to get along with different mentalities:

1. Talk to each other

If you simply explain that after number of years of relationships the certain wedding-question should be popped up, would be much easier. 
No one has to guess and read between the lines.

2. Respect others people borders

There’s another person nearby, he also wants to understand you. Jokes about the "fake" smiles of Americans are as offensive as those about Russian severity.

3. Learn each other's cultures

You have a great opportunity to get to know the traditions of another country without even leaving home!

So, what's the difference in mentality for you? Write in comments, let's check your specific case.

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