10 Important Facts About Russian Girls

The beauty of Russian girls has already become a stereotype and a national treasure. More and more men are looking at them as potential wives.

Is it really so? Let's find out!

It’s true. The special cold Slavic beauty of Russian girls makes them one of the most desirable brides in the world. As in Russia for centuries many different peoples get along, their appearance is very versatile and diverse.

Cleanliness, order, delicious cooking – this is what Russian girls have been taught since childhood.And not only in the family, but also at school. Girls in Russia are prepared first of all for the role of wife.

Russian girls are grew up in an environment where a man is the head of the family, the breadwinner. The woman, in turn, performs her role as a “hearth keeper”. That doesn’t mean that it’s a role of the background. A woman in Russia is the man’s inspirer, his support.

They are mostly set up for family, children, their nest.

Russian ladies are Ladies. They wear dresses, skirts, heels with pleasure and great skill. Even a short hairstyle or sports style they wear gracefully. They like to dress up, make up, primarily for themselves.And, of course, they love compliments, flowers and gifts.

The girl from Russia can be easily recognized abroad by good manicure, well-groomed hair, smooth skin and makeup. This is very important for them. You will definitely not see a Russian girl in sporty pants with lots of pockets.

There are legends about the big Russian soul. It is true that girls here are actively working on themselves and interested in spiritual development. Most of them will be sincerely happy if you compliment the depth of their thinking.

The history of Russia for the last 100 years is revolution, war, falling of government.

Unfortunately, nowadays Russian people do not know at all what stability is.That’s why Russian girls are very persistent and adapt to literally any conditions. The difficult climate only adds points to endurance. Adaptation abroad is often easier for Russian girls than for others.

Russian culture, like any other, is multifaceted and complex. During the Russian Empire, girls were traditionally taught to be erudite, to know several languages, to understand art. And today Russia is said to be “the most reading country in the world”. That’s why Russian girls are distinguished by their sharp mind and erudition.

Russia is a rather closed country, it is also present in the mentality. Russians began to travel the world on a large scale not so long ago.That’s why Russian girls look at everything with their eyes wide opened and they are easily surprised.

Men in Russia are so used to their wealth that they do not appreciate it at all. After the 2018 FIFA World Cup, which was held in Russia, an American was asked, “So, is it true that there are the most beautiful girls? “And here’s what the American replied: “Russian girls are diamonds who’ve been convinced they’re glass.”
If you are interested in a bride from Russia, first of all remind her that she is for sure a diamond.

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