Support at all stages

From the very first touch to your real date - our experts are with you.

Let’s know each other!

We call or meet you and tell you our processes so you can know in detail how we work. You tell us about yourself and let us know who is your ideal partner.


Searching match

We use our rich experience, psychology, astrology, intuition and knowledge of your story to find you a perfect match. When there’s a match, we share this profile with you.


Organizing a date

You’ll never feel a person till you meet him offline, in real life. That’s why it is so important to go on a date and “read” his energy, to talk. And give yourself time to feel if it was chemistry between you. Relax, it’s just a date .


Give us a feedback

This is extremely important because this way we can understand if we’re going right direction to find the ONE for you.



We do everything for you from the first match to organizing a date. Just live your best life while we’re searching for your Mr or Ms Right.

Well, here you are ready to meet with your matchmaker

Icebreaker agency is a dating service where the traditional approach is supplemented with a fresh vision!

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Leave your contact details below